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VS Code Extension: Uncrustify Code Formatter

This is the second post about VS Code Fomatters for Salesforce. In this post, I will explain about Uncrustify.

Download and install Uncrustify:

The first step is to get Uncrustify on our computer

  • Go to: https://sourceforge.net/projects/uncrustify/files/uncrustify/
  • Depending on your OS, download the right package. In my case, I got the Windows 64-bit ZIP file: uncrustify-0.69.0-win64.zip 
  • Unzip the ZIP file to a folder. I picked C:\Uncrustify\
  • Add this folder to the Windows PATH environment variable:
    • Open the “Control Panel”
    • Go to “System and Security”, then to “System”
    • Click on “Advanced system settings” 
    • Go to the Advanced tab, and click on “Environment Variable” button at the bottom
    • In the System Variables section, select the “Path” variable and click on Edit 
    • Nowm click on New, and add the folder above. In my case: C:\Uncrustify\. Click Ok on all open windows. 


Add Uncrustify to VS Code:

Now, it’s time to add the Uncrustify extension on Visual Studio Code. For that:

  • Go to the Extensions tab in VS Code
  • Search for “Uncrustify
  • Add it to VS Code
  • Restart VS Code


Configure Uncrustify in VS Code:

  • In Visual Studio Code, press Ctrl +Shift + P, and search for “Uncrustify: Create Default Config File”. Select it and press Enter
  • This will create a file that you can now access on the Explorer pane pon the left. The file name is “uncrustify.cfg”
  • Click on this file to open it in VS Code
  • Note: to see the Save menu, hover to the right side.
  • Go to the “General Options”
    • Set the value 4 in Input_Tab_Size
    • Set the value 4 in Output_Tab_Size
    • Click on “Save”
  • Go to the “Indenting”
    • Set the value 4 in indent_columns
    • Set to true indent_class
    • Click on Save
  • Feel free to go through al the settings and changing them accordingly 


Run Uncrustify:

  • To Run Uncrustify to format code, open any Apex file, then press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Search for the word “Format” 
  • Choose “Format Document” 
  • Select Uncrustify. This option will only be displayed if you have multiple formatters. In my cae, I have both Prettier and Uncrustify. 
  • You can avoid all these steps by simple pressing Shift + Alt + F to format the whole document, or Ctrl + K Ctrl + F to format the selection only. 



  • You can use the same “uncrustify.cfg” file in other projects. Just copy it from the source project folder and paste it in the new project folder. 
  • Just as the Prettier post before, you can set the Default formatter in VS Code Settings:
    • In VS Code, go to File – Preferences – Settings.
    • Search for Format.
    • This is where you can also configure many settings for Formatting, like the efautl Formatter, fortmat on Paste and so on…

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