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This chapter’s objectives are:

  • 15.1- Identify use cases for AppExchange applications

15.1- Identify use cases for AppExchange applications

  • The AppExchange is a marketplace to buy, build, sell, and install applications for Salesforce.com.
  • It is the App store for Salesforce – some apps are free, some paid
  • Ability to expand your platform as the companies who made these Apps spent lot of time developing it
  • The AppExchange continues to grow in popularity. If you have a need within Salesforce that will require significant development to solve, there’s a good chance that there is an AppExchange package to meet that need.
  • Common use cases include:
    • Marketing automation (Marketo, Silverpop, etc.)
    • Data quality (duplicate prevention, address verification, etc.)
    • Connectors (to variety of external systems)
    • Expense management (Concur, etc.)
  • Native or Non-Native? Evaluating Salesforce Apps: A native application is developed entirely on the Salesforce platform – its functionality does not rely on an external system(s).
  • Managed vs. unmanaged packages
    • Managed:
      • Can be upgraded
      • Does not count against org-wide limits
      • Can be partially customized (source code is not visible, fields cannot be deleted, but picklist values can be changed)
    • Unmanaged
      • Cannot be upgraded
      • Counts against org-wide limits (e.g. max # of objects and fields)
      • Can be completely customized (source code can be changed, fields removed, etc.)
  • Force.com Labs AppExchange packages: Force.com Labs releases AppExchange packages for free that provide new functionality, although the packages are not supported. These are done by SF Lab.
  • Access App Exchange by going to: Build | AppExchange Marketplace
  • Select an App, for example: Salesforce CRM Dashboard
  • You can see the details of the App on the top right:
  • Click on Get it to get the App
  • Login to AppExchange (Salesforce account)
  • select where to install: Admin only, All users, selected profiles (select from the bottom) with access level.
  • Another good free dashboard app is “Salesforce Adoption Dashboards”
  • Now installed. Check it in: Build | Develop | Installed Packages
  • Now new dashboards will show in the Dashboard tab!

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