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This chapter’s objectives are:

  • 9.1- Describe the features of Chatter (e.g., feed, groups, following, security)

9.1- Describe the features of Chatter (e.g., feed, groups, following, security)

  • Chatter is a new way to collaborate in your company. It connects people together with documents all securely in the cloud. It uses the same collaboration features you fins on Facebook and Twitter with sharing and security rules from Salesforce.
  • News feed with your latest update and photo on the top of the home page. You can open it to see all updates from people you are following. You can also follow documents, accounts, apps…
  • You can filter your feed on the left side
  • Every Records has its own feed that displays update and actions on it by users in its newsfeed page. When you add something to the records, everyone who is following it will see your update.
  • You can create Groups with Chatter to collaborate on projects
  • You can pull info from other social sites like Twitter account of company X (twitter widgets).
  • Click on your photo to go to your Profile (tab), enter your update there
  • Click on the People tab to go to the private directory that has all users
  • By default, Chatter is not enabled. To enable it, go to Build | Customize | Chatter | Chatter Settings
  • Once you checkbox enable, the settings detail page gets populated:
  • Groups:
    • Allow Group Archiving
    • Allow Records in Groups
    • Enable Unlisted Groups
  • Rich Link Previews in Feed
  • Emoticons in Feed: in feed items and comment
  • Approval Posts: Allow users to receive approval requests as posts.
  • Coworker Invitations
  • Customer Invitations
  • Actions in the Publisher
  • Recommendations in the Feed
  • Post and Comment Modification
  • Rich Text Posts

Chatter Groups – 3 types:

  • Public groups can be seen and joined without permission by all users (available by default)
  • Private groups require permission to join but can be seen by all users (available by default)
  • Unlisted groups are not displayed to all users (only seen by administrative users and group members; users cannot request to join, they must be added by a group manager). Must be enabled.

Chatter Topics (like hash tags):

  • Chatter seems like a party where all talking! How can you find the conversation that you are interested in?
  • Chatter Topics ;lets you see what people are talking about , organize the conversations, discover users interested
  • “Trending Topics” window on the right column of chatter
  • All topics on the right
  • You can narrow the topic list, and you can search the list
  • When you click on a Topic, you go to the Topic page that contains all feed of this topic
  • You can follow it, and add this topic to your favorites,

  • After you share a post, and if it contains some keywords, SF suggests some topics to link to link to this post.
  • You can also add topics to other people’s posts
  • You can also bookmark posts that you like!
  • If you to do an App just for Social, you can include these tabs:

Chatter Answers

  • Chatter Answers can be used to ask and answer questions directly within Chatter, indicate the best answer, and can be used within Communities.
  • To enable this feature, go to Build | Customize | Chatter Answers | Settings

Global Search:

  • Global Search is automatically enabled when Chatter is enabled.  It cannot be enabled otherwise. Position of the search bar is above the tabs
  • Global Search will return more search results than sidebar search, as it indexes most custom fields and additional data (including articles, documents, products, and more).
  • When Chatter is disabled, sidebar search is present. Sidebar search does not return personalized results. It also returns fewer search results than Global Search, as it indexes only select fields (name, address, phone, email, custom fields that are either unique or an external id).
  • Great way to locate everything related to a word or phrase. Search results are grouped by Object.
  • Searching in Chatter:
    • See above: Global Search, Topics, Bookmarks
    • Feed search: open any feed, and click on glass
  • The Lightning Experience uses Global Search even with Chatter disabled
  • Chatter feed tracking can be used to automatically generate a Chatter post when data within a record changes.
  • Posting in Chatter:
    • Text post: normal text
    • File: upload a file
    • Link
    • Poll
    • Question (if Answers is enabled)
    • New Event/Task
    • Log a call
    • New Lead
    • New Contact
  • When you use the Chatter feed to post a file to a record in Salesforce, two things happen:
  1. All users with view access to the record are granted the ability to view the Chatter file.
  2. Chatter will post a link to the file in the Notes and Attachments related list listed with type “Feed Attachment”.
  • Chatter Messenger allows Chatter users to chat in real time with other Chatter users (Obsolete)
  • Chatter Publisher Actions:
  • Users can optionally invite coworkers and/or customers to participate in Chatter. Chatter free licenses can be used to extend access to Chatter for no cost. Invitations can be enabled/disabled via configuration: Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings
  • Prior to the Summer 14 release, Chatter had to be deployed org-wide (to all users or no users). With the Summer 14 release, Chatter can be deployed to specific users via profiles or permission sets. To deploy Chatter in this fashion, you must raise a case with Salesforce.


  1. In your categories list (on the left) – chatter has 6%, but in its detail page it has 1%, which is the correct number….

  2. It seems all the sections have been updated for the Exams so please update them to be in sync with Admin Exam.

    Organizational setup: 3%
    User setup: 7%
    Security and access: 13%
    Standard and custom objects: 14%
    Sales and marketing applications: 14%
    Service and support applications: 13%
    Activity management and collaboration: 3%
    Data management: 10%
    Analytics—reports and dashboards: 10%
    Workflow/process automation: 8%
    Desktop and mobile administration: 3%
    AppExchange: 2%

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