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How to customize a Salesforce Dashboard Table

A table is one of the components that you can add to a Dashboard. It is not that much used, as Dashboards are intended to be “Graphical”. I had a requirement to add a table that displays 3 columns to a dashboard. First, I thought that should be easy, just do the report, then add a table to  dashboard with the created report as a source. I was wrong, as it is not that straight forward. Let me explain how I did it:

The table in the dashboard should display the top 10 Closed (Booked) opportunities with these columns: Account Name, Opportunity Name and Amount.

First, I created a standard report with the appropriate filter(s), that had the 3 columns I wanted listed in the dashboard:


Now, Let us try to add this report as a source to a table in a dashboard. Go to the Dashboard, add the Table component, and the Source report. Note the error we get! We need to add groupings in the report in order to be a valid source report to this Dashboard table component.

2016-10-21_1433      2016-10-21_1435      2016-10-21_1437

Now, let us try to add the Grouping and Summary to the report:

  • Account Name Group
  • Opportunity Name Group
  • Summarize by the Amount field (Sum)

We will get the 2 Groupings and the 1 Summary in the source report:



Back in the Dashboard: