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Welcome to SFDCnotes.com!

salesforce_certified_administrator Hello!

My name is Walid El Horr, I am a Systems Engineer ans Salesforce Admin, I just passed my Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Builder certifications in July 2016.

I started working with Salesforce as a customer: at the beginning of 2015, our company decided to use Salesforce and I was selected to be part of the team responsible of deciding-on and passing the salesforce_certified_platform_app_builderfunctional requirements to the Salesforce Consulting Partner. We had a lot of meetings and workshops with the Consulting Partner, it started with Webex calls to better align and understand the solution, and later on, bi-weekly workshops to tackle and agree on the requirements of specific Objects:

  1. Accounts and Contacts
  2. Opportunities (including Approvals)
  3.  Activities and Outlook Integration
  4. Case Management
  5. Reports and Dashboards
  6. Visibility
  7. Workflow Rules

After these Workshops, I had a much better understanding of Salesforce and its functionality, and the most amazing thing was that everything is on-demand in the Cloud. We can start with the out-of-box Sales Cloud functionality in literary just few days, we can start with only the required licenses and add more on the go!  I think this was the reason why Salesforce is the top CRM tool out there today. It was founded in 1999, without any support for on-premises model; this means that to use Salesforce, your only option was to use their subscription model and, again, this was in 1999, way before the cloud era where everything is “in the cloud”!

The next phase after the workshops and validating the requirements was the UAT (user acceptance testing). We were given 2-3 weeks to test the system and all what has been agreed-on during the Workshops.. To login, I was given a login ending with .uat, I did not know its reason until I took the Platform App Builder course.

The final phase was something called TTT… What on earth could TTT be? Train The Trainer! I was told that I was selected to train our staff (mostly Sales Reps) on how to use the system. This was music to my ears as I was already falling in love with Salesforce! We spent 3 full days working again on the concepts above, but this time going deeper. Of course, nothing too fancy there, it was just a training on how to use Salesforce and how to train the users later on, no Admin stuff here.

Salesforce Certified Administrator notes

During my preparation for the Admin  certification, I took tons of notes that I gathered from different excellent internet resources: Youtube videos, paid Udemy courses, paid independent courses, free blogs…etc. (all references will be listed) I started taking notes on Excel, then moved to Doc because it proved much more convenient as the notes were getting more detailed with tons of screenshots. Finally, after passing the Admin cert exam relying on these notes, I decided to share them for Free, and here comes SFDCnotes.com!

Let me know your feedback and feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact page.

September 20, 2016