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Looking into the tons of links to pages provided by Salesforce and other sources can be very confusing. I got very confused with the different Salesforce sections and pages: Developer Forums, Success Community, Chatter Groups, Developer Documentation, Workbooks, Books, Webinars, Getting started guides, Implementation guide…etc. How to get all of these in one place? For that I have categorized all relevant links to make my life easier, and I am sharing this here. I have categorized the different categories as per the below with description for each link.


SFDC Official Links – Developer Page:

Page URL Description
Getting Started LINK Contains link to create a new Developer account, contains Trailhead link, also contains Force.com workbook, techncial library and Intro Webinars links (see be;low).
Trailhead LINK Learn Force.com basics with Trailhead, a fun and fast way to challenge yourself. Celebrate your progress with points and badges!
Intro Webinar LINK Free monthly series of introductory sessions on Force.com, including Force.com platform, Apex and Visualforce.
Developer Documentation LINK Official SFDC Developer Documentation page. Includes: Developer guides, Installation guides, Data Loader guides, Example of validation rules and formulas, Workbooks, Force.com Platform Fundamentals (this is one of the best getting started guides, it basically shows you how to create an App, and how to step-by-step expand it with all SFDC features. Highly recommended) and Force.com Workbook…etc.
Developer Workbooks LINK Predefined search query in the Developer Docs for the SFDC Workbooks
Developer Books LINK Free SFDC books, and third party paid books
Developer Cheat Sheets LINK Free SFDC Cheat Sheets
Technical Library LINK Browse the technical library by topic to find code samples, documentation, tools, and other technical resources for building and customizing apps on the Force.com platform.
On Demand Webinars LINK This page lists all the past recorded content, featured on the Developer Force home page over the past few years.
Developers Blog LINK Contains blog entries regarding new relaeses, features, etc…
Developer Tools LINK  Contains links to all Salesforce administrator and developer tools, including: Data Loader, Workbench, Force.com IDE, migration tools, integration tools, Cloud Providers tools (like AWS and Azure), and many more!
Developer Discussion Forum LINK A discussion forum with many topics for developers, like: Apex and Visualforce development, Formulas & Validation Rules, APIs and Integration, force.com sites, Java and .NET development, Mobile and Lightning… etc.


SFDC Official Link – Success Community:

Page URL Description
Answers LINK Engage with and get answers from a passionate community of customers, partners and Salesforce experts.
Help and Training LINK The Help page lets you search for Knoweldge Articles, Best practices and Known Issues.
Getting Started Set-Up LINK Salesforce Series Videos & Walkthroughs
Success Ideas LINK Share and vote for ideas to improve the product.
Communities (Chatter) LINK Find and follow interesting people, join groups for discussion and share files publicly or privately. This is just like the Chatter object that you configure for your organization, but it has more than 2 Million subscribers.
AppExchange LINK This is the App Store, or Google Play of Salesforce. There you can find around 3 thousands Apps that you can add to your Salesforce Org. Apps can be free or paid, managed or unmanaged. Some Apps that I used: Adoption Dashboards, Mass update and Edit, ConfigWorkbook (for metadata), Survey Force…etc. Just like your smart phone Apps, getting these Apps can save you tons of time!
Hiring Marketplace LINK


Check out the Developer Marketplace to find qualified professionals waiting to help make your implementation a success. Here you can: post a job opening (first link), find consultant (second link) and find developers (third link).


Free SFDC Blogs and Courses:

Page URL Description
Salesforceben LINK Personal Salesforce blog by Ben McCarthy
Admin Hero LINK Personal Salesforce Blog by Brent Downey. The Zero to Hero is an on-going Salesforce post series which uses those same materials but simplifies the content and uses language that you can understand
SFDC Trails LINK Personal blog by Snehal Surti. Study tips by section and reference to study material. Great references to Salesforce documentation and Trailhead modules per objective!
Jenwlee’s Salesforce Blog LINK A personal Blog with some great tips by Jennifer Lee
The Ecquire Blog LINK 32 Salesforce Guides That You Shouldn’t Miss
 Udacity FREE course: Intro to Point & Click App Development LINK This is a video class, teaches the basics of building apps with Force.com. It is around 6 hours, containing: intro to objects, fields, and records, Relationships, Validation Rules, Formulas and Summaries, User Interface, Schema Builder, Data Loader, Reports and Dashboards, Workflows Rules and Approvals, Chatter and Salesforce1. Finally, after going through these concepts in building a Music Festival app, you will build your own App.
Salesforce.study LINK This site offers Free Admin course and paid App builder course, it is basically a collection of links (to other blogs, videos, Trailhead, official SFDC documentation, flashcards, quizzes, etc…). The links are grouped by objective.
sfdcstudy.org LINK Great notes for the Admin and Advanced Admin exams. It also contains App Builder study links. On top of that, plenty of quizzes.


Paid SFDC Material:

Page URL Description
Certified on Demand LINK A paid Salesforce Certified Administrator study guide by John Coppedge. It offers a structured set of objectives, resources, and key facts designed to prepare you to pass the Certified Administrator exam.
Focus on Force LINK A paid study-guide site that offers guides and practice exams for: Admin, Advanced Admin and Platform App Builder
Udemy Course: Project Based Salesforce Admin & Adv Admin Hands-On Training LINK A 15-hour scenario-based course by Archana Rajendran. Archana is a great instructor, she knows how to pass the message. This course is based on a fictious project that Archana shows how to implement.
Udemy Course: The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course LINK An 11-hour Salesfore Certified Administrator course by Mike Wheeler.
Lynda.com – Developing with Visualforce LINK Learn how to start developing custom interfaces for the Force.com platform (including Salesforce) with Visualforce. Share

The above links are overwhelming! Plenty of material to go through, on top of the notes of this website. My advise is to stick to my notes here, and visit 1 link at a time. Do not try to do everything at one time… You will quickly lose track if you open all links once!