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Tip: Convert Lead without Opportunity Button

Business Case:

  • By default, when you convert a Lead to an Opportunity, an Opportunity gets generated.
  • You can stop the creation of an opportunity by checking the checkbox “Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion”
  • This Tip is to allow users to have a Button that converts Leads without creating an Opportunity

Tip Recipe:

  • On the Lead Object, on the Lead Conversion page, create a new Button “Convert without Opportunity”
  • This Button will automatically check the box “Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion”

Tip Steps:

  • Get the default Lead conversion URL by opening a Lead and clicking on “Convert” Button

  • Copy the URL part after the domain name:
  • https://walidsc-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/lead/leadconvert.jsp?retURL=%2F00Q0Y000002U5s5&id=00Q0Y000002U5s5
  • Go to the Lead Object page: Setup | Build | Customize | Leads | Buttons, Links, and Actions – click on new Button
  • Fill as per the below

  • Note that we changed the actual ID of the Lead with the Merge Field “Lead ID”
  • We have also added “&nooppti=1” after the second Lead ID Merge Field. This is the argument that automatically checks the checkbox
  • Save and add the Button to the Page Layout (new buttons are not automatically added to the page layout)
  • Open a Lead, and click on “Convert without Opportunity”, you will get the checkbox “Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion” checked by default:

That’s it! J